Three days. Good times. Lycra Optional.
Friday Sept 30 - Sunday 2nd October 2022

A gentle journey on the 100 km East Gippsland Rail Trail on Gunaikurnai land. No traffic. Gentle hills. Forest, farmland and friendly country towns. Picnics by river, lake and vines. Optional Extra Sweat. Are you coming?

What is the Event?

The Great East Rail Trail Ride is a fully supported three day cycle event along the 100 km East Gippsland Rail Trail. It ran for the first time in 2014, with the 7th event coming up in October 2022.

Pricing and other details: go to the Event Summary page.

This is a little Great Ride, with numbers limited to 120 – to ensure a splendid time is had by all.

With a daily riding distance between 30 and 40 km (with Extra Sweat options provided for those who’d like to ride further) this Great Ride is fabulous for families, new cyclists, old cyclists and those for whom cycling simply fills the intervals between eating and drinking.

It's about the Journey...

Rail Trails are for cyclists, walkers and horseriders only, so there will be no vehicular traffic along the route. Perfect for children and autophobes. (Extra Sweat Options may be on road).

We will provide you with all meals (picnics, country pubs and fresh air brekkies); support along the route (sag wagon, first aid, water, kind and helpful people); transfer your luggage each day, provide entertainment each night and at the end of the Trail, transport you and your bike back to the start point. We’ll also provide campsite accommodation, with the option to upgrade to a cottage or pub, and if you don’t have a suitable bike you can hire a bike for the tour.

I just filled out the survey but I wanted to write as well just to say how much I LOVED the trip. I wasn’t able to express this fully in the survey! It was just the best holiday! So relaxing and invigorating. I loved the location (stunning scenery), the food was delicious and the townships were delightfully quirky. But best of all the trip was so well organised - I really appreciated the sensible morning briefings and the management style of your team is exceptional. I also really appreciated how knowledgeable your team and the volunteers were: the bike maintenance session was fantastic and the incidental learning provided by Liz, Bec, Barbara, Nell and Caz was invaluable. You managed to create a friendly intimate environment for 86 people! Amazing. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be back. Great East 2015

Who is running the event?

The Great East Rail Trail Ride is run by Snowy River Cycling, an East Gippsland based cycle tour business providing services on the East Gippsland Rail Trail as well as a range of guided and other cycle tours. Visit our website:

8 reasons to come on the Great East Rail Trail Ride:

  1. It is the only multi day ride on a Rail Trail in Australia (as far as we are aware....)
  2. You gave your boyfriend/ girlfriend a bike for their birthday/anniversary/ Christmas and they haven't ridden it yet. Make this the next present.
  3. You have little children and want to go cycle touring with them, but you can't face the logistics / are not sure if they'll make the distance / crave adult conversation.
  4. You love cycling but hate close shaves with cars.
  5. You've been meaning to ride the East Gippy Rail Trail but hadn't got around to it.
  6. Cycling is really just an excuse to indulge in eating.
  7. Spending 3 days cycling through lush farmland and forests is your idea of bliss on a stick.
  8. You love the idea of taking part in this kind of event, but several thousand other people is just too many.