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The East Gippsland wilderness is waiting to be discovered, do it in the hands of a local and you will not be disappointed!



Are you seeking to connect with like-minded individuals?

Do you crave a closer bond with nature by discovering new trails?

How about experiencing a hassle-free cycling holiday?

And wouldn't it be wonderful to have the peace of mind that comes with a supportive team?

Look no further!
Great East Rail Trail Ride is for you!


Early bird price

  • Just 4.5 hours drive from Canberra and 4 hrs from Melbourne

  • Fully supported with medics, friendly support riders and sag wagon

  • All meals, entertainment included and provided by locals

  • Ride the East Gippsland Rail Trail and the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail with all logistics taken care of

  • 30-40km daily over 3 days, comfortable, undulating trails

  • Coffee enroute - what more could you ask for!

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This event occurs twice a year. 

Thursday 3rd - Monday 7th October 2024 (Registrations OPEN)

Thursday 10th - Monday 14th April 2025

Thursday 2nd - 6th October 2025

Thursday 9th - Monday 13th April 2026

This event is for 4 nights, all meals included from dinner on the arrival day until breakfast on the departure day. There are options to upgrade to roofed accommodation. 

Experience the East Gippsland Rail Trail and the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail over 3 days of fully support cycling.
The Great East team ensure your journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, from evening entertainment, delicious local meals, support riders and vehicles, coffee enroute & first aid response. 

Keep informed about upcoming events & tours

Feedback from 2024 participants   

I have felt safe and cared for 100% of the time. Wined and dined deliciously, entertained to the max. Attention to detail was flawless. I am in awe of the organisation. I salute thee.

I was so impressed with the team. Very professional, knowledgable, friendly, happy. The ride was very well run. I appreciated team members being stationed at road crossings and the coffee stops with Flat Bickie. Everyone was so welcoming.

How did you find being based for event duration?


It was fabulous! It worked with precision. I loved it! Everyone seemed comfortable and it worked well with having our caravan with us. I liked having the time to relax at the end of each day and participating in all the activities.

How did you find the support team?


Wow!! We did not expect to have so much friendly support. Everyone was so willing to help, knowledgeable and took so much care of both us and our bikes. The ambulance was a comfort whenever we glimpsed it on the trail.

How did you find the meals?

Absolutely perfect! Greatly exceeded any expectations or hopes we might have had. We loved the variety, quantity, quality and the use of small local vendors which gave us a great insight into the area. We brought our own snacks but didn't even open them as there was plenty of food at just the right times.

2023 Great East Gallery

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