Return transport to your starting point for yourself, your bike and your luggage is included in your registration fee.

Choose whether you want to be transported from the ride finish in Orbost back to the start in Bairnsdale on the Sunday afternoon, or if you prefer to leave your car in Orbost, getting transported to the starting point on the Friday morning. The information below will help you choose what will work best for you.

We may need to change the way we provide return transport if Covid restrictions limit numbers able to be carried in coaches. See Covid 19 and the Great East for more detail on how transport may have to be altered.

Lost already? Check out the 'map' below.

Friday October 1 – Orbost to Bairnsdale transport at ride start.

If you are driving from ACT or NSW, you may prefer to leave your vehicle in Orbost on the Friday morning, and be transported to Bairnsdale with your bike for the start of the ride.

Orbost is the furthest point of the trail from Melbourne, but the closest point to the ACT and Sydney.

If you wish to take this option you choose "Friday morning transport to ride start" on your booking form, so we can allocate space for you.

The Ride Start page will have information about where and when transport from Orbost leaves on the Friday morning.

Sunday October 4 – Orbost to Bairnsdale transport at ride finish.

At the end of the ride we will provide transport for you, your bike and your luggage back to the ride start in Bairnsdale if that is where you have left a vehicle or are meeting other transport.

Bairnsdale is the closest point of the trail to Melbourne, so if you are coming from that direction, this option will most likely suit you best.

If you wish to take this option, choose "Sunday afternoon transport to ride start" on your booking form, so we can allocate space for you.

We expect the buses and trucks to leave Orbost at 2.30 pm Sunday, arriving in Bairnsdale by 4.00 pm.

If you are planning to catch the 4.30 pm train from Bairnsdale to Melbourne, we will deliver you, your bike and your luggage to the station in time, but you MUST let us know before Friday September 27 to enable us to do so.

Bike Transport.

Bikes will be travelling in a combination of bike trailers and enclosed truck.

To enable efficient loading of the bikes, most will need to have their pedals removed and handlebars turned so that they 'pack flat'. Don't panic! our crew will be on hand with tools to help you do this!.

We will make available cardboard and tape to enable you to give your bike some protection during transport - however it is up to you to prepare your bike if you wish to do so. Note that while we will use every care to transport your bike safely your bike is transported at your own risk.