Great East 2014 The Movie.

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From Jude, Great East 2015

"I just filled out the survey but I wanted to write as well just to say how much I LOVED the trip. I wasn't able to express this fully in the survey! It was just the best holiday! So relaxing and invigorating. I loved the location (stunning scenery), the food was delicious and the townships were delightfully quirky. But best of all the trip was so well organised - I really appreciated the sensible morning briefings and the management style of your team is exceptional. I also really appreciated how knowledgeable your team and the volunteers were: the bike maintenance session was fantastic and the incidental learning provided by Liz, Bec, Barbara, Nell and Caz was invaluable. You managed to create a friendly intimate environment for 86 people! Amazing.

Thank you so much. I'll definitely be back."

Lunch at Nicholson River Winery.

From Liz, Great East 2015

"Thanks for a fantastic ride. As family of five (two who were nearly the youngest ) I have praised the ride and organization to one and all.

The event was superbly organised, the kids rave about the singer at Bruthen ( they thought the boy was super cool). We all loved the trivia and the finish at 9pm suited children and adults alike.

The food was plentiful and fresh. I also loved meeting lots of different people along the ride.

We did not try any of the extra sweat sections but could see these were popular.

See you again next year"

From youngest to oldest....

From Sally, Great East 2015

'My main thoughts of the Greta East Rail Trail Ride are of feeling incredibly informed, safe and well catered for. All delivered in a low key and calm way. Thanks for an amazing time.

Best aspects: certainly discovering Bruthen. Every experience from dinner and entertainment at the pub, to the ambience of the caravan park was terrific!"

Old timber bridges.

(F)route cooking us up breakfast at Bruthen, Saturday morning.

Bike maintenance workshop at Nowa Nowa, Saturday afternoon.

Colquhoun State Forest, and the start of the 'Extra Sweat' Discovery Trail section, Saturday.

Snapping the view at Tostaree, Sunday.

...and that's what it's all about. Lunch from the woodfired Historic Bakery in Orbost at the end of the ride.