Things You Should Know


COVID 19 PANDEMIC conditions

If we have to cancel the event OR if you have to cancel your booking due to restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic, we reserve the right to retain up to 10% of your total event fee.

Standard Conditions

If you find you must cancel your booking, please advise us in writing (email is fine).

If you cancel your booking before September 1, 20% of fees paid are non refundable.

If you cancel your booking after September 1, but before September 24 2021, 50% of your total fee (if full fee payment has been received) is non refundable. (ie including fees for accommodation and bike hire options if chosen).

If you cancel your booking on or after September 24th 2021 there is no refund of fees paid.

If we have to cancel the event for any reason other than restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic you will be refunded any fees paid in full.

Legal Stuff

Waiver: Prior to or at the start of the ride we will ask you to sign an 'Exclusion of Certain Rights to Sue Waiver' form, which you must sign to take part in the ride. It means that you are accepting the inherent risk of injury or death that comes with riding a bike. If you would like to see the waiver before the event please contact us.

Conditions of Participation: These are listed below. Please read them, as by submitting a booking form you are indicating your acceptance of these conditions.

Insurance: As a minimum we recommend you have Ambulance cover, in case you should require emergency medial attention. You may also wish to consider personal accident cover (provided by membership of some large cycling organisations such as Bicycle Network) and travel insurance.

Conditions of Participation

I accept that participation in this event could involve riding on public roads used by other traffic. I accept the potential risks of riding on these roads and that I am doing so at my own risk. I will abide by all road user rules including wearing a helmet at all times. I accept that I am responsible for ensuring my bicycle is in safe operating condition for this ride, and must undergo a service in the month prior to the ride. In my judgement I am capably and competent to participate in this ride. I will advise Snowy River Cycling of any medical condition I have which may require their support or intervention during the ride. I agree to any emergency medical attention by an appropriately qualified person during the ride. I understand that Snowy River Cycling strongly recommends Ambulance cover and personal protection insurance for the ride. I accept that the ride organisers, and their staff accept no responsiblity for theft or damage to property during the ride. I accept that Snowy River Cycling reserves the right to alter the advertised ride itinerary for reasons of bad weather, road works, unsafe conditions and other unforseen circumstances, and that no refund will be made for alterations to the advertised itinerary. I accept that if I leave the ride for any reason no refund will be made to me. I accept that Snowy River Cycling reserve the right to cancel any booking prior to the ride and return payment to me, and that acceptance of this payment means I have no further claim against the event organisers. I agree to abide by the decisions of the event organiser and their authorised staff for the safety and well being of all participants, and that if I do not abide by these decisions I will be deemed to have left the ride. I hereby release, exempt and indemnify Snowy River Cycling, its staff, volunteers and all other persons involved in running the event from all actions, costs, demands, proceedings and claims whatsoever made or taken by any person arising from my participation in this event. I agree to my photograph or video image being used by Snowy River Cycling for promotional purposes.