If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Are kids in trailers, 'tagalongs' and child seats able to participate in the event?

Absolutely. The distances covered each day are quite low making it very managable for smaller children - and the adults towing or carrying them. Our sag wagon will have a trailer with plenty of capacity to take trailers etc. As the route is nearly all unsealed however, we do recommend you test your 'rig' - riders and machines alike - to make sure everyone and thing is happy with the bumpier ride.

Q: How do I know if there are still places available on the event?

We will flag on the home page of the website when spaces are becoming limited. There are currently plenty of places available.

Q: How do I know if the various alternative accommodation options are still available?

As accommodation options are booked out we will make this clear on the 'Ride Options / Accommodation' page. Booked out options will no longer be able to be selected on the booking form.

There is unlimited availability of campsite accommodation, until we reach our maximum number of participants ( 120)

Q: We ride E Bikes. Are they allowed on the event?

Of course. As long as what you are riding is legally considered a bicycle, it is allowed on both the rail trail and the event. There are of course some extraordinary machines that are (apparently) legally regarded as 'bicycles'. (See pic, right) Some could have difficulty negotiating gates on the trail.

Q: I have non cycling family and friends who would like to accompany me in their car. Can they book a place on the event?

As places on the event are limited, only cycling participants are able to book places.

Q: When do I have to book by?

Bookings must close on Friday September 25th 2022, so that we have time to finalise all logistics however bookings will close before then when we reach our maximum number of participants. (around 120) In 2021 the event was fully booked up by the start of August.

Q: When do I pay?

Full payment is required with booking.

Q: What if it rains?

We do expect you to ride, even if it rains, so it is important that you and your bike come ready for some damp weather just in case. Hot showers will await you at the other end!

If weather conditions of any type make the route unsafe we will advise you of an alternative route or provide transport to the next campsite.