Covid 19 and the Great East 2020

We are very much hoping to be able to run the Great East Rail Trail Ride in October 2020. The Covid 19 pandemic means that there are restrictions on what our whole society can do. This may impact whether the event can run; if it does run it will mean we need to adapt a few things compared to previous years.

We don't yet know what the impacts may be, and may not know for some time. We will keep our planning and information as up to date as we are able, based on the available guidelines and advice from the government.

Here are some of the impacts or changes that could happen, and how we will deal with them.

1. The event may have to be cancelled.
We anticipate that we will make the call on cancellation at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the planned start date.
Bookings for the event will be made by a deposit payment of 20% of your total booking amount. If we have to cancel the event due to the pandemic you will be refunded your deposit in full. Our normal Terms and Conditions ("Things you should know") will otherwise apply.

2. We may have to limit the number of participants.
Normally our event is limited to 130 participants. If restrictions limit us to a smaller number, then the last bookings received above that number will have their bookings cancelled and deposit fully refunded. For example, if we receive 100 bookings, then have an 80 participant limit imposed, the first 80 people who booked will retain their places on the event, the last 20 will be cancelled.

Assuming the event can go ahead, social distancing measures will still be required. These are some of the measures we expect to implement to minimize contact and concentrations of lots of people in one place.

Hand sanitiser everywhere
We will have hand sanitiser everywhere there are places people meet or use common facilities, to be used BEFORE and AFTER touching anything.

Hugs will be out, except for your family!

Check and Ride Start in Day 1:
We will reduce contact at checkin by mailing your registration pack (identity labels , maps, information etc) instead of handed out at check in.
Briefing information will be available to read on noticeboard and / or online instead of physical briefing for a whole group.
Spread out ride start time rather than a mass start.( On days 2 and 3 as well.)

Return Transport
Normally, return transport back to the ride for you, your bike and your luggage is included in registration.
As physical distancing requirements do not allow fully loaded coaches, we will instead provide return transport for "Designated Drivers", and train travellers only. We will transport one 'designated driver' per car back to where their car was left. You'll find more details about this on the Ride Options - Transport page.

Riding times
To spread out the riding group and avoid crowded bottlenecks, we will have wider start and finish times.

Meal times
We will spread eating places over a larger area, and possibly over longer time slots to avoid crowding at meal times.

Campsite facilities
We will ensure there is ample tent space to avoid crowding, hand sanitiser at all facilities and work with site owners to ensure cleaning measures meet government health guidelines.

At our HQ/information tent, we will minimize all contact points for sales, sign up for activities etc.