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National Australia Bank
Account name: Snowy River Cycling
BSB: 083519
Account Number: 835803506

For international transfers: NAB swift code NATAAU3303M


Send a cheque to:
Snowy River Cycling
185 Forest Rd, Orbost , Victoria 3888, Australia

If you have changed your mind and would like to make a payment via Credit Card, you can make a secure custom payment here: Make a Secure Custom Payment Via Credit Card - https://www.greateastrailtrailride.com.au/pay

You have chosen the 'Group Leader' Payment option. Your 'Group Leader' needs to complete the 'Group Payments' form and submit with payment for the whole group.

Please remember to complete a 'Rider Registration' form for each individual in your group. Use the same 'Group ID' for each individual in the group.

Click Here to go to the Group Payments Form


Rider Details

Group ID

The ‘Group ID’ shows who is being paid for with a single payment.

If you are registering and paying only for yourself, just put your surname.

Groups who are being paid for with a single group payment need to use the same 'Group ID' on each member's 'Rider Registration' form and the 'Group Payment' form.


Contact Details

Rider Address

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Rider Personal Details

If you have a special dietary requirement due to allergies and intolerances, please provide details of your requirements here. We will contact you if we have any concerns about providing suitable meals for you.

Please note, it is not possible for us to cater for everyone’s dietary preferences. If you choose to follow a particular type of diet in your everyday life, we may not be able to provide this diet for you on the ride. If you are not sure if our catering will suit you, please contact us to discuss.

If you select a particular special diet for the event, please note that this is the meal type that will be prepared specially for you throughout the whole ride, by name. You cannot switch to a standard meal type part way through! You will be eating someone elses allocated portion!



Transport Details

Transport for you and your bike back to your starting point is included in the registration fee. Choose below whether you want to be transported from Orbost to Bairnsdale on Friday morning or Sunday afternoon. See Transport Options for more info.

Transport Options

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Accommodation Options

If you would like to upgrade to cottage or pub accommodation, please select your Friday and Saturday night options below.

If you would like to upgrade to ‘Easy Camp’ please select this at the bottom of the page.

Standard registration includes campsite facilities, with BYO tent, sleeping mat etc. Select 'Not applicable' for each option below if you are not choosing to upgrade to cottage / pub accommodation or 'Easy Camp'.

Are you part of a group (ie payment for your registration is being made as part of a single 'Group Payment') and wanting to book accommodation or Easy Camp?
You don't need to select your accommodation here - select 'not applicable'.Your Group Leader will select your whole group's accommodation on the 'Group Payments Form'.

Friday Night

Choose an Option. Prices shown are 20% deposit price, full price shown adjacent.

Saturday Night

Choose an Option. Prices shown are 20% deposit price, full price shown adjacent.

'Easy Camp' - Friday & Saturday Night

The 'Easy Camp' upgrade option is one large ( standing height) tent with 2 thick 4WD sleeping mats, supplied and set up for you on Friday and Saturday nights.

Prices shown are 20% deposit price, full price shown adjacent.

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Bike Hire

Please complete this section if you wish to hire a bike for the ride. If you do not need to hire a bike, please continue to the next section.

We are offering bike hire to riders travelling to East Gippsland by public transport for just 20% of the full fee.

Bike Hire Options

Prices shown are the 20% deposit price, full price shown adjacent.

If you are hiring a bike, please enter your height - cm, or feet and inches, we can take either!

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Registration Details

You’ve nearly finished! To complete your registration on this page:

  1. Select your 'registration type'( required even if making a Group Payment)

  2. Select a payment method and follow the payment instructions shown for each payment type.

* If you are paying only for yourself, select either 'Credit Card' or 'Offline'.
* If paying for more than one person select 'Group Payment'.

  1. Submit the form. If paying for more than one person, please then complete a 'Group Payment' form.

Registration Fee

The prices shown are the 20% deposit amount, with the full price shown adjacent. Your registration isn't complete until we receive your deposit payment. Your balance amount is due on August 28th. If the event is not able to go ahead, you will be refunded your 20% deposit in full.

Additional Information


Payment Method

Enter credit card details below. Payment by Credit Card is MasterCard or VISA only. Payment by Credit Card incurs a 1.75% (what we have to pay) surcharge. Please contact us if you have any issues.
Details for bank transfers and cheque payments are in the "Submission Successful" email you will receive once you submit this form. Details can also be found on our "Contact" page.
You won't pay anything with this form submission. Your Group Leader will need to fill out the Group Payments Form, and ensure all members of your group have the same 'Group ID' name.

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(Credit Card payments include a processing fee of 1.75% or $ on top of your total selected items)

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