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Bank Details

National Australia Bank
Account name: Snowy River Cycling
BSB: 083519
Account Number: 835803506

For international transfers: NAB swift code NATAAU3303M


Send a cheque to:
Snowy River Cycling
7 Forest Rd, Orbost , Victoria 3888, Australia

If you have changed your mind and would like to make a payment via Credit Card, you can make a secure custom payment here: Make a Secure Custom Payment Via Credit Card -


Group Details

The Group ID needs to be same as used for each group member on the 'Rider Registration' completed for each individual in the group.
Don't forget to also complete a 'Rider Registration' form for each person you are making payment for!

Group Payment Options

Please choose all options that your group needs for all riders.

Friday Night Accommodation

Saturday Night Accommodation

Easy Camping

Easy Camping is BOTH Friday and Saturday night

- +
X $160 = $ Large tent, 2 x thick 4WD mats set up for you for the 2 nights

Bike Hire

Standard or Low Step Through MTB

- +
X $135 = $

24", 20" or tagalong

- +
X $90 = $
- +
X $270 = $


- +
X $485 = $
- +
X $365 = $
- +
X $265 = $

Additional Notes

Payment Method

Payment by Credit Card is MasterCard or VISA only. Payment by Credit Card incurs a 1.75% (what we have to pay) surcharge. Please contact us if you have any issues.
You will receive an email with the details of how to finalise your offline payment - bank transfer, cheque etc.

Payment Summary

(Credit Card payments include a processing fee of 1.75% or $ on top of your total selected items)

Credit Card Details

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