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Please fill out this form one (1) time for EACH rider in your group. We must have full details for each individual rider.

If you are coming as part of a group, your 'group leader' can make a single payment for all group members - see the options on the payment page.

If you are choosing accommodation options, only your 'group leader' needs to select these for the whole group.

Bookings must be accompanied by payment to be confirmed.

By submitting this booking form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the event.

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Transport for you and your bike back to your starting point is included in the registration fee. See Transport Options for more info.

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Accommodation Options

If you would like to upgrade from camping accomodation, please select from the options below.

Your standard registration fee means that we provide campsite facilities, but you must still bring your own tent, sleeping mat etc.

Note that our ‘Easy Camp’ option (see bottom of page) must be booked for both Friday and Saturday.

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Easy Camping - Friday & Saturday Night

Bike Hire

Please complete this section if you wish to hire a bike for the ride. If you do not need to hire a bike, please continue to the next section.

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1. Select your type of registration fee.

2. Select the payment option - whether just paying for yourself, your group leader is paying for you, or if you are the group leader paying for a bunch of people.

3. Select your payment method.

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Bookings must be accompanied by payment to be accepted. Payment can be made by direct deposit, credit card or cheque. If you are coming with a group or family, one payment can be made for the whole group - select Option 2 if your group leader is paying for you, or option 3 if you are making payment for your group.

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Payment by Credit Card is MasterCard or VISA only.
After submitting this form, the next page will have the link to our payments page. Please contact us if you have any issues.

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