Day 1

Bairnsdale – Bruthen, 30 km

Option of transport before the ride from Orbost to Bairnsdale for riders and bikes. This will suit riders from ACT / NSW as Orbost is the closest end of the trail for you.

Ride start 11.00 am after 10.30 briefing. ( time to be confirmed)

Lunch: Picnic at Nicholson River Winery

Dinner: Bruthen Inn Hotel.

Camping: Bruthen Caravan Park, on the banks of the Tambo River.

Extra Sweat: One for the mountain goats: a heart starting ride over the mountain to Fairy Dell and back!


  • Riding over the Nicholson River on the original rail bridge.
  • Lunch at Nicholson River Winery
  • Gorgeous views over the Tambo River Valley farmland.
  • Bullant Brewery, Bruthen, for fluid replenishment.

Friday night in Bruthen

Bruthen Arts and Festival Council, the local entertainment experts are putting on a evening of entertainment for us.

Day 2:

Bruthen – Nowa Nowa, 27 km

Breakfast: Provided by (f)route, a community enterprise bringing together creative artists, fruit, conversation and slow travel.

Lunch: at Nowa Nowa, by the lake and at the rides end.
Dinner: Nowa Nowa Hotel.
Camping: Mingling Waters and Nowa Nowa Camp Parks.
Extra Sweat: The Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail, meandering along Mississippi Creek, back to the Rail Trail via quiet forestry roads. Add 15 km. You can also explore the Nowa Nowa Mountain Bike Park.

Ride Highlights:

  • Stony Creek Trestle Bridge – 200 m long
  • Nowa Nowa walking tracks to a gorge lookout and along the lake
  • The Discovery Trail Extra Sweat – a total gem of a ride
  • Reaching Bruces Rd crossing at the top of a (gentle) but consistent 5 km climb!

There is so much happening on Saturday afternoon in Nowa Nowa that we will have a whole page to tell you what's on!

Day 3:

Nowa Nowa – Orbost 43 km

Breakfast: by Mingling Waters Café.
Lunch: in Orbost, in the park at the rides end.
Extra Sweat: An on road detour with views of the sea and mountains, finishing with a ride beside the Snowy River. Add 18 km.

Ride finish: Transport for bikes and riders back to Bairnsdale, departs 2.30 pm, arrives Bairnsdale 4.00 pm.


  • The curving rail bridge in Wairewa valley
  • Ride over the Snowy River, after crossing its super fertile floodplain.
  • The long, long timber viaduct stretching across the floodplain.

Great East 2014 Best Things: “Well organised, friendly fun environment with great food. Best aspects scenery and amazing environment.” “Loved the winery and the food there, ditto Bruthen pub food. Loved the first stint, breathaking scenery.” “Thanks Liz and staff a fantastic event, enjoyed it immensely.” Riders Great East 2014 3